The Practice Group: Facilitating 88% New User Growth and Re-imagining a Brand

The Practice Group: Facilitating 88% New User Growth and Re-imagining a Brand


As a key provider of ophthalmology and ENT checks for the NHS, The Practice Group (TPG) delivers well over a million patient appointments a year, across the UK. Partnered with NHS Frontline GPsTPG works alongside Clinical Commissioning Groups to deliver more than 120 community outpatient clinics per week, often helping patients with little or no English-speaking capabilities in traditionally difficult to reach communities. 


TPG was experiencing consistent and wide-spread growth across the nation and brought Montpellier onboard to help facilitate its vision of striving to  learn, develop, innovate and evolve, in order to provide the best possible care to as many patients as possible. Increasing membership numbers warranted the creation of a new, more user-oriented website, in order to best serve patients and GP’s alike. We were handed the reigns on revitalising TPG’s corporate identity, giving us the opportunity and were briefed to design a completely new website, whilst creating a positive social media and press profile, to support future growth.


Our initial task was designing a new website that could facilitate thousands of patients. Utilising highly functional multi-search options, we were able to drastically improve website usability for GP patients, creating an approachable, easy-to-navigate design. Harnessing TPG’s commitment to helping all patients irrespective of gender, age, or race, we designed and implemented a series of characters spanning various genders and ethnicities to symbolise their commitment to discrimination-free treatment. Within two months of the relaunch, 88% of TPG’s total traffic was coming from new users. 

Paramount to designing TPG’s website, was updating the branding to reflect its modern and pragmatic ethos. Opting for a complementary mauve and cyan colour combination, we provided a radically different visual palette, updating TPG’s brand to match its drive for change and innovation.  

Alongside redesigning TPG’s logo, we implemented an online content strategy, to strengthen TPG’s public image. Creating the strapline ‘your partner in health’ and ‘bringing pharmacists on to the frontline’ we were successful in generating interest and content from core pharmacy media outlets, including The Pharmaceutical Journal and Pharmacy Business Magazine. By incorporating advanced SEO strategies, we continued to ensure that TPG’s web presence remained number one for the web search ‘The Practice Group’ and ‘Practice Group’. 


  • A new, user-friendly website that saw 88% of its traffic come from new users, within 2 months 
  • Focused media content from key media outlets including The Pharmaceutical Journal and Pharmacy Business Magazine 
  • Successful rebranding – including a new logo and online content campaigns 
  • Continued presence as the number one search result for the term ‘The Practice Group’ and ‘Practice Group’, online 
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