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Equal Opportunities Employment info

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Equal Opportunities in Employment


Montpellier is committed to preventing discrimination in its employment practices by stimulating genuine equality of opportunity. In order for us to continually monitor the application of our Equal Opportunities Policy, we ask all our candidates to complete our Equal Opportunities Monitoring form at the time of registration.


Montpellier aims to develop, promote and deliver its services, information and employment opportunities without discriminating on the basis of any aspect of an individual’s background or heritage which is used as justification for unfair treatment.


Montpellier opposes all discrimination on the grounds of colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin or religious beliefs. We are keen to promote good relations in the Community by providing a non- discriminatory service.


We actively deter discrimination the grounds of sex and counter discrimination against men and women in all employment practices, recognising the demands of child care and the care of other dependents.


Montpellier ensure that lesbians and gay men will be given the same priority for all jobs as applicants from other groups who are represented in the company.


Disabled applicants will not be barred from selection on the grounds of disability unless arrangements for working with or around the disability cannot reasonably be made.


We value people for their competencies and age is not a consideration when selecting our candidates.


Equal Opportunities Policy

Montpellier is firmly committed to diversity in all areas of its work and we recognise that we have much to learn and profit from diverse cultures and perspectives; we believe that diversity will make our organisation more effective in meeting the needs of all our clients and candidates.


Montpellier actively promotes equal opportunities. This applies in the recruitment, selection, training and promotion of all grades of staff employed by the Company and amongst those who use our services – both candidates and employer clients. Promoting equality of opportunity means that everyone is treated solely on the basis of competence and merit, regardless of age, gender, marital status, ethnic, racial or religious or disability considerations, or any other protected status.


All employees are made fully aware that discriminatory acts are treated as gross misconduct. We draw all employees to the Race Relations Codes of Practice  and that of the Equal Opportunities Commission, both of which have specific guidance for employment agencies. The relevant sections of the Codes are reproduced as part of this policy and all staff are expected to comply with them.


1.                           Recruitment, Training and Development

  • All recruitment and selection, whether internal or external, will be conducted on a non-discriminatory basis and monitored by the
  • All training and development services will be planned and executed on a non-discriminatory basis and made available to as many employees as possible.
  • All promotions will be on a non-discriminatory
  • No vacancies circulated to employees will contain any directly or indirectly discriminatory
  • Training in recruitment, selection and appraisal will be provided as widely as
  • All recruitment materials including application forms will be designed to eliminate discrimination and promote equality of
  • Appraisals are intended to form the basis of employee development
  • Any ability or psychometric testing used in recruitment and selection will be free of bias
  • Monitoring of recruitment, selection and promotion will be undertaken to assess the success of the



2.                           Terms and Conditions of Employment

  • Whilst these may be different for different employees, they will be designed to reflect the policy and to promote
  • All terms and conditions will be continuously reviewed to ensure their alignment with the
  • Wherever possible, working patterns will be “family friendly”.
  • The implementation of employment policies that are attractive to people returning to work will be given high


3.                           Operating Montpellier’s Service to Candidates and Employer Clients

  • All dealings with employer clients and job candidates will be conducted in accordance with the Equal Opportunities Policy, as well as the law, and monitored by the
  • All job vacancies and temporary assignments from employer clients will be accepted and handled on a non-discriminatory basis
  • Appropriate measures will be taken to bring the Policy to the attention of employers, clients and candidates in written communication with
  • All advertising, marketing and promotional material will reflect the
  • All pre-selection methods will reflect the
  • Montpellier employees must not make remarks, either verbal or written, which could result in direct or indirect


4.                           Breach of the Policy

  • Any apparent breach of the Policy by an employee will be dealt with through the Disciplinary
  • Proven discrimination will be treated as gross



Diversity Policy Statement


Montpellier is firmly committed to diversity in all areas of its work.


We have much to learn and profit from diverse cultures and perspectives, and we believe that diversity will make our organisation more effective in meeting the needs of all our clients and candidates.


Montpellier aims to develop, promote and deliver its services, information and employment opportunities without discriminating on the basis of a person’s race, disability, age, gender, religion, sexuality or any other aspect of an individual’s background or heritage which is used as justification for unfair treatment.


Montpellier has a commitment to be an organisation that:

  • Develops services to achieve equality and diversity in all its activities;
  • Endeavours to have a workforce generally reflecting the population;
  • Understands how valuing diversity can improve our ability to deliver better services;
  • Actively consults with different individuals and communities to ensure that services which are provided are responsive and reflect the diversity of need;
  • Provides all employees with the training and development they need to enable them to achieve organisational goals;
  • Provides a supportive, open environment where all employees have the opportunity to reach their full potential;
  • Listens to its customers and involves them in the development of services that recognise and value diversity; and
  • Believes that both customers and employees have important parts to play in making this


Diversity Strategies


Overall our Diversity Strategy is to ensure that our Diversity Policy is applied fairly and consistently across the Organisation, as an integral part of the service we provide.


We recognise peoples’ differences and aim to ensure that each individual is treated with respect.


To achieve the aims of our overall strategy we will take action to address discrimination, as well as action to promote diversity in employment and service.


The strategies reflect the existing and forthcoming EC and UK legislation and definitions for Equality.


All the specific strategies, actions and outcomes are company-wide and apply to all offices. They should be applied and managed as part of their more detailed Action plans.




Montpellier aspires to a diverse workforce which has the skills and understanding to achieve a quality service responsive to individual and customer needs.


As an organisation, we are committed to ensuring that all people are treated fairly and without unlawful discrimination. As an employer, we aim to ensure that all employees treat each other with dignity and respect.


We aim to develop a working environment where harassment is unacceptable and where individuals feel confident enough to bring complaints without fearing prejudice. In the unlikely event that harassment occurs, we have strong policies and procedures in place to deal with it.


To achieve our aims we will:

  • Provide full and fair consideration to all job
  • Require all our employees to undergo relevant training as part of their induction.
  • Provide sufficient training and support to meet all our employees’ needs in recognising and carrying out their work
  • Regularly review our recruitment, selection, training and promotion procedures, ensuring they remain fair and reflect current best


  • Maintain records in recruitment, training and employment and use this information to assist in identifying areas of
  • Help all employees to realise their full potential by ensuring they receive fair consideration of their training and career development needs as well as promotion
  • Whenever possible modify employment practices and procedures to reduce barriers member of disadvantaged social organisations may experience in seeking, and during,
  • Develop processes to deal with harassment, bullying and dignity at work which can operate within a safe and open
  • Follow Government guidance on applying the relevant UK




Montpellier is committed to achieving racial equality. We recognise our duties under the Race Relations Acts and related Codes of Practice and undertake to strive for racial equality both in employment and service provision.

To achieve our aims we will:

  • Provide services relevant to people’s needs, respecting their cultural and social
  • Strive to have a representative workforce that can sensitively address the needs of all
  • Work with other organisations to promote racial equality and eliminate racial disadvantage and racial
  • Only accept an environment, which is free from racial harassment and racist
  • Encourage people from minority communities to take up employment and training opportunities in areas and levels where they are under- represented.
  • Follow Government guidance on applying the relevant UK



Our strategy is to counter unlawful discrimination and harassment on grounds of religion and belief and to promote good relations between people of different religions and beliefs.

To achieve our aims we will:

  • Strive to create an environment which recognises and respects religion and
  • Improve the understanding of religion and belief among our staff so that they can sensitively address the needs of individuals and of different faith communities.
  • Along with other organisations promote understanding and good relations between people of different faith
  • While separate from our Race Strategy, our actions for religion and belief will be broadly similar in
  • Follow Government guidance on applying the relevant UK



We wish to create an environment where employees, both women and men, are free to share their needs and concerns as carers and are not disadvantaged in the workplace by doing so.

We acknowledge that caring responsibility may include caring for children, a person with a disability and older people.

To achieve our aims we will:

  • Work with both men and women to identify the needs of all carers and develop appropriate arrangements to meet those
  • Within the constraints of effective service delivery, Montpellier will make the best possible use of flexible working practices to support carers in our workforce.
  • Promote awareness of what flexible working practices are available to support
  • Develop an organisational culture, which provides a supportive environment for
  • Follow Government guidance on applying the relevant UK



Montpellier is committed to achieving gender equality under the Sex Discrimination and Equal Pay legislation and codes of practice and undertake to strive for gender equality in service provision and employment.

To achieve our aims we will:

  • Create an environment which is free from harassment and sexist language and
  • Encourage men and women to take up employment and training opportunities in areas where they are under-represented.
  • Set targets to achieve a better gender mix throughout the
  • Work alongside other organisations to promote gender
  • Provide flexibility within the working environment which recognise and supports work and home balance requirements (also see Carers strategy).
  • Follow Government guidance on applying the relevant UK



Montpellier is very aware of the real discrimination that people face due to their sexuality and life choices and we are committed to removing this unfair treatment from our working environment.

We want to create an open environment where Lesbians, Gay men, and Bisexual people feel safe to be open about their sexuality and difference, if they choose to do so.

The organisation will work to make its service accessible to everyone, and ensure that our employment policies and service delivery are not based on the assumption that everyone is heterosexual.

To achieve our aims we will:

  • Develop policies and procedures to prohibit unfair treatment of Lesbians, Gay men, and Bisexual
  • Provide the same level of service irrespective of any employee’s or customer’s
  • Where appropriate, develop services to meet the needs of Lesbians, Gay men and
  • Follow Government guidance on applying the relevant UK



Montpellier recognises that people with a disability are disadvantaged both by an environment and by social attitudes, reflecting the needs of non-disabled people. We are committed to achieving disability equality by, wherever reasonably possible, eliminating both unlawful discrimination on the grounds of disability and the disadvantage experienced by people with a disability. We also recognise that improvements in the operation of our services can reduce the disabilities faced by the disabled.

To achieve our aims we will:

  • Recognise our responsibilities under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, EU Directives and other legislation and will follow the relevant DRC Codes of Practice for employment, premises and
  • Strive to provide services, which are relevant to the needs of people with disability.
  • Try to ensure that all our services and documentation are accessible and available to people with a
  • Whenever possible modify our procedures to make full use of an individual’s ability and adapt our facilities as necessary to accommodate people with a
  • To ensure DDA requirements are met, we shall perform regular “audits” of our premises, services and
  • Where needed, provide managers and staff with training in awareness and confidence to support people with a
  • Whenever practicable, continue to employ staff who become disabled during their employment, and assist in their re-training.
  • Guarantee people with a disability an interview for any employment vacancy for which they meet the minimum essential
  • Provide systems which seek to maximise access to employment by people with a
  • Follow Government guidance on applying the relevant UK



At Montpellier, we recognise that age discrimination can affect all age groups and both genders, age is no indicator of effectiveness in most work activities and employment decisions should not be based on age alone (with the current exception of retirement ages). We will value people regardless of age and aim to provide services that should be sensitive to the needs of all age groups. We will work to create an environment where people are judged on their talents, skills and experience, rather than on misconceptions and prejudices about age.

As an organisation we are committed to opposing unjustified age discrimination and recognise the need for our own strategy to be in line with the EC Directive (2000/78/EC) and forthcoming UK legislation to be implemented from 2006.

To achieve our aims we will:

  • Remove age-related criteria in our employment practices (subject to present retirement ages).
  • Regardless of age, provide recruitment, training and promotion on the basis of
  • Work with organisations to eliminate age
  • Work to ensure that older workers are able to leave the organisation with dignity and flexibility working
  • Follow Government guidance on applying the relevant UK



Montpellier recognises that it may also need to deal with discrimination against groups not elsewhere covered, in line with existing or forthcoming UK legislation. For example, the review of legislation on employment of ex-offenders, a group which is estimated by the Home Office to cover over a quarter of the working-age population.

To achieve our aims we will:

  • Continue to review and progress the organisation’s Diversity Policy and Strategies so that they reflect the true diversity of



All staff

All staff will be given full training and support to ensure this policy is put into practice. However, we expect a personal commitment from all employees in making it effective and in setting an exemplary standard for others to follow.

All members of staff will take responsibility to:

  • Ensure they understand the values and benefits of equality and diversity;
  • Become familiar with this policy, to follow it, and ensure that any staff for whom they are responsible do so as well;
  • Draw to the attention of their line manager any instances of apparent discrimination or any perceived problem in relation to employment or to the provision of

Directors and Senior Management

The Directors have corporate responsibility for ensuring that this policy underpins all aspects of our work. The Directors are responsible for developing the organisational culture in which this policy can operate effectively and for ensuring that it is implemented.

Directors and Senior Management are individually and corporately responsible for ensuring that the policy is implemented in their particular areas of responsibility.



A copy of our Diversity Policy and Procedures will be available to all staff in the staff handbook. A copy will also be available to clients and candidates via our website.

All our policies, including those relating to Diversity, will be monitored for clarity and plain English.

Other Corporate policies and publications will be monitored to ensure that diversity issues are properly addressed.

Development and review


This policy is designed to encourage practical changes. We therefore expect to update it in the light of experience from applying it in practice and as a result of changes in legislation or our own internal organisation and policies. Such revisions will be notified to all staff through the usual channels.

In addition to annual reviews of all policies, a major and fundamental review of this policy will take place at least every three years.