If you’d like to come and experience working at Montpellier, whether you want to explore a career in PR, web services or graphic design, we regularly provide supervised work experience placements throughout the year.

1. Purpose of Internships


  • Internships are educational and career developmental opportunities providing practical experience in a field or discipline. They are structured, short-term, supervised placements often focused around particular tasks or projects with defined timescales. Interns benefit from enriched skills, achieving a contribution to a project and gaining insights and new perspectives from professionals in a discipline of


  • Internships normally refer to placements undertaken by students from further, higher or adult education courses during vacations, in between courses or when they have finished their course. They may also be undertaken by adults who wish to pursue a new career


  • Internships do not cover compulsory placements of a further or higher education course which are normally agreed between a student, university and an


2.  Principles of an Internship


  • Voluntary agreement

Interns are engaged on a voluntary basis and are not members of staff. There is no contractual obligation between Montpellier PR and interns and accordingly they will not receive normal employee entitlements such as a salary or annual leave.


2.2      Period of engagement and payment of expenses


Unpaid internships should last no longer than four months. Work related expenses including travel must be provided to the intern by the host department. The intern should provide receipts, and the host department should arrange for it to be paid through finance.


Internships may extend beyond four months to a maximum of one year, depending upon funding by their funding institution.

2.3 Work


The placement must be mutually beneficial for the intern and the company and therefore careful consideration may need to be given to the type of work to be undertaken. The work should be meaningful and provide an opportunity for interns to develop their professional skills and gain insights to the discipline of work whilst also adding value to the company. The internship Voluntary Agreement (Appendix A) should detail the work activities, timescales for completion and learning outcomes expected.

Internships must never be used to replace paid work positions or to cover regular or recurring work in a department.

3.  Arranging an Internship


  • Supervision

 The host department must nominate a supervisor for the intern who should maintain regular contact, give necessary support and provide regular feedback on performance.

3.2  Induction


The supervisor is responsible for providing an induction including relevant information about the department, an explanation of the project/tasks and timescales for completion.

3.3  Confidentiality


Interns must be informed of their responsibilities to maintain confidentiality of Montpellier PR data and information where such information is not already within the public domain and is indicated or understood to be confidential.

The department must meet their responsibilities for the intern’s personal data.

Montpellier’s public liability insurance policy covers those conducting voluntary work.

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